Washington, District of Columbia

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Tree: Strausstown Roots
State/Province : Latitude: 38.8951118, Longitude: -77.0363658


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Margaret  15 Nov 1882Washington, District of Columbia I163918 Strausstown Roots 
2 Bair, Alfonzo Richardson  1856Washington, District of Columbia I209274 Strausstown Roots 
3 Barber, Leon A III  28 Apr 1928Washington, District of Columbia I295348 Strausstown Roots 
4 Beerbower, Elizabeth Janis  15 Feb 1921Washington, District of Columbia I047121 Strausstown Roots 
5 Berger, Mary Louise  01 Dec 1926Washington, District of Columbia I109177 Strausstown Roots 
6 Berger, Richard E  30 Mar 1923Washington, District of Columbia I109176 Strausstown Roots 
7 Bolick, Robert Hunter  16 Jun 1921Washington, District of Columbia I098493 Strausstown Roots 
8 Boltz, Merritt Grissmayer  25 May 1902Washington, District of Columbia I158917 Strausstown Roots 
9 Burdette, Viola O  about 1897Washington, District of Columbia I152571 Strausstown Roots 
10 Chaney, Juanita C  about 1894Washington, District of Columbia I250925 Strausstown Roots 
11 Clarke, Charles J  1910Washington, District of Columbia I290074 Strausstown Roots 
12 Clarke, Charles Joseph  31 May 1937Washington, District of Columbia I290075 Strausstown Roots 
13 Clymer, George  28 Jul 1858Washington, District of Columbia I124497 Strausstown Roots 
14 Clymer, Harriet C.Wethered  13 Jul 1852Washington, District of Columbia I124496 Strausstown Roots 
15 Clymer, Mary Willing  20 May 1848Washington, District of Columbia I181649 Strausstown Roots 
16 Clymer, William Branford Shubrick  19 Mar 1855Washington, District of Columbia I181651 Strausstown Roots 
17 Cogswell, Ellen  25 Sep 1944Washington, District of Columbia I272621 Strausstown Roots 
18 Culbertson, Junia Wilhelmina  1913Washington, District of Columbia I206495 Strausstown Roots 
19 Edwards, May H  02 Jan 1873Washington, District of Columbia I283950 Strausstown Roots 
20 Faust, Frederick H  27 Aug 1917Washington, District of Columbia I152574 Strausstown Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Altenderfer, Myra  1956Washington, District of Columbia I137836 Strausstown Roots 
2 Balthaser, Deborah Lucretia  11 Jun 1987Washington, District of Columbia I004279 Strausstown Roots 
3 Beerbower, Dumont  Sep 1962Washington, District of Columbia I204132 Strausstown Roots 
4 Beerbower, Elizabeth Janis  20 Sep 1979Washington, District of Columbia I047121 Strausstown Roots 
5 Beerbower, James Richard  27 Sep 2010Washington, District of Columbia I203882 Strausstown Roots 
6 Beerbower, Orville Andrew  08 Mar 1942Washington, District of Columbia I047091 Strausstown Roots 
7 Belleman, Alvin Leroy  17 Oct 1958Washington, District of Columbia I249074 Strausstown Roots 
8 Bender, Susannah D  15 Apr 1931Washington, District of Columbia I027392 Strausstown Roots 
9 Berger, Larry Paul  17 Jun 1978Washington, District of Columbia I266609 Strausstown Roots 
10 Berger, Maggie S  27 Dec 1969Washington, District of Columbia I005213 Strausstown Roots 
11 Berger, Richard E  07 Feb 1990Washington, District of Columbia I109176 Strausstown Roots 
12 Bertolet, Lydia B  18 Dec 1879Washington, District of Columbia I010282 Strausstown Roots 
13 Black, Walter Frederick  24 May 1960Washington, District of Columbia I198344 Strausstown Roots 
14 Brossman, Martin W II  15 Dec 2012Washington, District of Columbia I223385 Strausstown Roots 
15 Brown, Alice Frances  1925Washington, District of Columbia I048383 Strausstown Roots 
16 Bucher, Bessie C  24 Apr 1982Washington, District of Columbia I275446 Strausstown Roots 
17 Byrnes, Annie M  05 Nov 1944Washington, District of Columbia I153086 Strausstown Roots 
18 Casteel, Virginia  Nov 1965Washington, District of Columbia I047092 Strausstown Roots 
19 Christman, Clarence Llewellyn  30 Dec 1942Washington, District of Columbia I219888 Strausstown Roots 
20 Claflin, Harriet Lavinia  06 Mar 1964Washington, District of Columbia I193791 Strausstown Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Baptism   Person ID   Tree 
1 Stolp, Fredericka Augusta  17 Jul 1859Washington, District of Columbia I249978 Strausstown Roots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bucher, Bessie C  1930Washington, District of Columbia I275446 Strausstown Roots 
2 Bucher, Bessie C  1940Washington, District of Columbia I275446 Strausstown Roots 
3 Caffee, Robert Henderson  1850Washington, District of Columbia I006882 Strausstown Roots 

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Military Service   Person ID   Tree 
1 Faust, Lloyd Marden  Washington, District of Columbia I149672 Strausstown Roots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bender, Luther Huyette  1945 - 1971Washington, District of Columbia I171305 Strausstown Roots 
2 Faust, Lloyd Marden  Between 1952-1967Washington, District of Columbia I149672 Strausstown Roots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Faust, John Howard  1917Washington, District of Columbia I152478 Strausstown Roots 
2 Neifert, Ezra Benjamin  1930Washington, District of Columbia I150729 Strausstown Roots 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Clymer / Shubrick  05 Aug 1845Washington, District of Columbia F58670 Strausstown Roots 
2 Stolp / Eberbach  19 Sep 1858Washington, District of Columbia F82048 Strausstown Roots 
3 Gunnell / Rittenhouse  28 Oct 1868Washington, District of Columbia F93308 Strausstown Roots 
4 Bayard / Clymer  07 Nov 1886Washington, District of Columbia F58671 Strausstown Roots 
5 Bierbower / Grou  09 Mar 1893Washington, District of Columbia F26794 Strausstown Roots 
6 Dietrich / Stine  21 Oct 1920Washington, District of Columbia F60063 Strausstown Roots 
7 Cantwell / Reber  10 Jun 1924Washington, District of Columbia F89706 Strausstown Roots 
8 Leffler / Bucher  17 Apr 1930Washington, District of Columbia F90918 Strausstown Roots 
9 Kauffman / Fink  07 May 1932Washington, District of Columbia F55759 Strausstown Roots 
10 Hess / Scheytt  25 Jun 1934Washington, District of Columbia F07055 Strausstown Roots 
11 Prentice / Black  Apr 1935Washington, District of Columbia F65803 Strausstown Roots 
12 Luckenbill / Culbertson  18 Nov 1936Washington, District of Columbia F67455 Strausstown Roots 
13 Stang / Wertman  21 Aug 1937Washington, District of Columbia F57149 Strausstown Roots 
14 Strauss / Buckwalter  06 Dec 1941Washington, District of Columbia F52854 Strausstown Roots 
15 Lovelace / Wertman  17 Jan 1942Washington, District of Columbia F57150 Strausstown Roots 
16 Ingram / Beerbower  26 May 1942Washington, District of Columbia F90207 Strausstown Roots 
17 Debord / Bierbower  15 Mar 1943Washington, District of Columbia F15893 Strausstown Roots 
18 Hicks / Galbraith  22 Apr 1943Washington, District of Columbia F49932 Strausstown Roots 
19 Heckman / Kepler  15 Dec 1944Washington, District of Columbia F92209 Strausstown Roots 
20 Durcan / Egan  1946Washington, District of Columbia F99693 Strausstown Roots 

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