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1 (from the file of Marlin Beulow)
Charles was a veteran of the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection and World War I. He served in the U.S. Army from 1899 until his retirement in 1928. Retiring at Fort MacArthur, he lived at Long Beach until 1930 when he and Emma moved to Pomona. Charles was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #2108. Funeral services were held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church and burial was beside Emma in the Pomona Mausoleum. 
Felix, Charles (I197450)
2 (from the file of Marlin Beulow)
When "Roy" was 17 years old, he took a job on a merry-go-round and worked one summer going from place to place, not with a whole carnival, but just the one ride. Perhaps one summer was enough of that, because his next job was with a sawmill.
At the age of 26, he married Cora Mae Patten, a young girl of sixteen. They were married in the parlor of her father's home. Following the death of their first child in 1909, they moved to Tomah in Monroe County, where their second child, Beulah was born. After several years in Tomah but before the birth of their third child, Kenneth, they returned to Oshkosh. Roy worked for Oshkosh Trunk Company and The Diamond Match Company prior to going to work for the Wisconsin Power and Light Company where he was a trouble shooter on the electric street cars. It was while there that he lost two of his fingers when the motorman, who did not know that Roy was under the car, drove the car from the car barn.
In the summer of 1922 the family moved to Clark County, the site of Roy's aging father's farm. They went there to manage the farm for his parents but by the time they got there, J. B. had decided that he could still work the farm so that left the young Felix family without a place to live.
Roy bought property a short distance away and with the help of neighbors constructed a two-story frame house. The "house raising" process was so rapid that Roy and his family had a place to sleep that night. The Fall of 1924 brought a tornado through the countryside. It stripped the corn fields of all the ears of corn, the chickens were separated from their feathers and the roof from the house making the house "rock like a cradle." Soon after the tornado, Darrell was born and Roy, with his family, moved back to the farm.
This time it was one year before J. B. decided to move back again, and when he did, the younger Felix family returned to Oshkosh. Roy worked at making grass rugs woven on large looms. A short time later he gained employment at the Winnebago State Hospital (later renamed Winnebago Mental Health Institute) and remained there until retiring. While at "Winnebago" he contacted Painters Colic from the lead in paint and had to transfer to the plastering division. While there, he was instrumental in getting the union started and was eventually made its president.
After the death of his father in 1926, his mother lived with them until her death in 1935. Due to Roy's later health problems, Roy and his wife spent many winters in the dry climate of Arizona. He died on August 11, 1962.
Felix, Mark LaRoy (I197785)
3 (Ref. His nephew Peter Philip Slade (died 2014 Whanganui NZ). Garside, Paul Hamilton Douglas DSP (I174817)
4 (son of Charles Culver THURBER and Minnie May SHILTS) Cecil's mother remarried a man named Gotleib Kleckner and that's how Cecil got the last name of Kleckner. It is unknown as to whether he was legally adopted or that the name was added as a small child. Thurber Kleckner, Cecil Galvery (I199291)
5 1st wife (Mary)b 1844 died 2 Oct 1893 Lash, William G (I223578)
6 According to his elder daughter Pauline, Police Superintendent Paul Garside & his young family were introduced to HRH The Prince of Wales in 1921 when he arrived in Allahabad, India. Garside, Paul Hamilton Douglas DSP (I174817)
7 As a young man he had also worked in Nigeria West Africa. Bird, Sir Cyril Walter Handley (I174814)
8 As pensions expert, he contributed a series of special articles to 'The Naval & Military Record' on pensions & unemployment of ex-servicemen in the aftermath of the war. Garside, Thomas Douglas Hamilton (I075717)
9 Ashes scattered, Specifically: Ashes are located at the Cliffs of Moher, 2degrees57'51"N 9degrees28'18"W, 600ft Elevation and also at Adare Manor Golf Course, holes 6,8 and 15

Kelly, Raymond Dennis III (I307117)
10 Daughter of Williamm and Magdalena Gotshall - wife of Isaac Berge - granddaughter of Abraham & Catherine Hunsberger Godshall, Catherine (I101795)
11 Deacons Archives (Deacons Solicitors) 1846-2007 are at Hong Kong University Library. Brereton, William Henry QC (I196725)
12 Died aged 30. Clements, Patrick Francis (I183444)
13 Ed. St. Josephs school Nainital. Worked in commerce - Sassoon textile mills. Protegee of businessman & hotelier Sir Ellice 'Victor' Sassoon (1881-1961) and David Sassoon of the Sassoon banking dynasty in India. Pierce, Reginald William (I178353)
14 Father is given as Joshua Bailey which is incorrect. Joshua is her husband. Mother is given as Polly Shoeman Steiger, Sarah Anna (I129444)
15 In the spring 2008 Journal of Berks County Genealogical Society there is list of Burials without tombstones or markers in St Michael's Cemetery in Tilden Twp, Berks.
On page 17 is Maier s/o Jacob Maier b. June 2 1842, D Sept 27, 1861. In spite of all the Jacob Maier/Moyer Families
living in Upper Bern at that time, I believe this is the same as I153046.

John Moyer 
Moyer, Jacob (I153046)
16 In the year 1870 Mr. Fenstermacher married Emma Heilig, of Lebanon, Pa., daughter of John G. and Harriett Hanley Heilig. To them were born children as follows: Elizabeth Shindel, born Jan. 25, 1871 (m. (first) to George Fisher, deceased, and (second) to Lynn J. Koch, of Fleetwood, Pa.); Sarah Jane, Sept. 2, 1872 (m. to Harry J. Reiff, of Reading); Rebecca Hultzeizer, Nov. 5, 1874 (m. to Frederick A. Marx, Esq., of Kutztown); Edwin Hutter.

April 25, 1877 (m. to Emma Fridy, of Lancaster); Charlotte Ely, July 10, 1879 (m. to George Gensemer, of Reading); Louise Shindel, April 29, 1886; Ella Hess, June 21, 1888 (who died Aug. 31, 1888); Mabel Helen, Sept. 15, 1889; Marguerite May, June 18, 1892; and Jay Dee Barnes, Nov. 27, 1893. (Nancy M.)  
Heilig, Emma Malerie (I131713)
17 Johann Henrich HAFA was born on 8 Apr 1739 in Aldingen (Tuttlingen), Wurttemberg, Germany. He was naturalized on 8 Sep 1765 in Berks Co., PA. Henry of Greenwich took the naturalization Oath to the British crown. Sacrament at the Lutheran Church. He was a Tavern Keeper in 1772 in Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA. 1784 Berks Co. PA Taxes
Haffa, Henry page 586 Brunswick 100 acres
Haffa, Henry page 565 Amity 0 acres, 2 Horses, 2 Cattle, 11 sheep and 8 people living in house.
He served in the military on 16 May 1777 in Berks Co., PA. Cort Martial Man 5th Battalion-Col Jacob Weaver, 5th Co.--Capt Jacob Rhodes. He died on 17 Jan 1802 in Reading, Berks, PA. First Reformed Church records of Reading, Berks, PA. Henry Haffa dies of croup, aged 63 years 18 days. He was elected as High Sheriff of Berks Co. PA 1779-1780 & 1781 in Berks Co., PA. He was buried. Lutheran Church He was baptized. Sponsors: Johann Heinrich Riedler, Jacob Haller, Anna Maria Gulding, Johann Andreas Hengtler, This Haller Ann Jallerlin. He has reference number 02/007. 1767 Taxes Hoff, Henry 30 Acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle, 2 Tax in Windsor Twp.
He was a courtmartialman in Capt. Jacob Rhoades Company, 5th Battalion, Col. Jacob Weaver, belonging to Berks County Militia in 1777.(Penn. Archives- Series 5-Vol. 5-p. 216).
In addition to the above Military Service, he was Sheriff of Berks County, Pennsylvania 1780-1781, acted as custodian of Hessian prisoners held at Reading, Pennsylvania., (Col. Records of Penn. vol. 11-P, 594-598). He was similarly elected and appointed for the year 1779; again elected Sheriff in 1781.
After the election of 1778, when Henry was elected Sheriff the first time, a letter dated
Oct 15, 1778 (Reading) from Jacob Morgan, Jr., a Rev. soldier, written to Hon. George Bryon, Vice President of Parliament of Phila. Pa. mentioned Henry Haffa. This letter is in Penn. Hist. Soc., Philadelphia , Reading in part: "Mr. Henry Hoffa, first Guardian on the returns for Sheriff, is a sensible, active man and has been a friend to the general cause, if elected he will be, in my opinion, the proper person for Sheriff."
Daughters of the American Revolution, National Number306782
He was a member of the First Reformed Church of Reading, Berks, Pa.
He took the naturalization oath of allegiance 8 Sept 1765.
He died of croup; and is buried in the Lutheran Church Cemetery. 
Haffa, Henry (I229841)
18 Joseph-Louis Gill was the White Chief of the Abenakis for over 50 years .  Gill, Joseph Louis (I204695)
19 June gave her body to science at Vanderbilt University who will keep her body for a period of between six months to two years. Following that period, her body will be returned and will then be cremated and her ashes scattered at Bismarck, ND where she was born.
Felix, June Viola (I198471)
20 Lawson's Bay at Vizagapatam was apparently named after him. Lawson, Captain Patrick HEICS (I220724)

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